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VIP BREAK was created by Yannick Riendeau. From an early age, he had been collecting Pokémon and field hockey cards. In December 2020, he began opening decks of cards live on Facebook with friends. The craze for opening live boxes grew to such an extent that he began to make his passion, his main job. Since then, VIP has gone from strength to strength.


VIP’s mission is to provide you with an extraordinary experience, entertaining you from start to finish. Animation and the pleasure of opening boxes with participants are part of the VIP culture. Our aim is for everyone to share their passion in a friendly atmosphere.

Customer experience is our priority

Yannick Riendeau


Your questions

A Break is to attend the opening of a box of trading cards. A station wagon can contain one or more boxes to be opened. In a break, several participants choose one or more spots or teams, depending on the type of break.

In a “Team Random”, each spot will represent a team determined by a draw on the website. The “RANDOM” takes place when all spots are filled.
Afterwards, the opening of the boxes will be broadcast LIVE on the VIP BREAK QC – CARTES À COLLECTIONNER Facebook page. In a random, the cost of spots is the same (fixed price for each spot).
Ex. : You choose spot 5 and at random you have Montreal. All Montreal cards (hits and inserts only) will be mailed directly to your home. Base cards are not sent.

The difference with TEAM SELECT is that each team has a specific price and you can choose your team directly. Ex. A team with star players and/or recruits with great potential will be more expensive than one with less.

There will be cards and memorabilia up for auction. Each auction will have a starting price, a time limit and a minimum increase bid. The last person to bid within the time limit wins the card or object.

This varies from box to box. Some boxes contain 24 packs, others 8 packs, 6 packs and even 1 pack. It all depends on the box.

At VIP, we process and ship cards within 10 working days of opening the boxes (the break). We use Canada Post as our shipper. The cards will be sent in bubble envelopes to protect them. You also have the option of having your package expedited for $10 + tax (delivery in 3 business days).

No, it’s not guaranteed, because it’s all chance. On the other hand, the more boxes there are in the break, the more cards you’re likely to get.

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What our customers think

"The breaks are so entertaining, Yannick does a great job on his breaks! I've hit several big cards and my collection is finally starting to have some value."

Jay Forget

"Thank you very much to all the team for your great work! The breaks are very well executed, there' s no possibility of scams and I received my cards super fast."

Jean Marc Lucien